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John A Probert

Greenleas Farm
London Road
Essex CM12 9HPQ

Tel: 01277 657904
Fax: 01277 657931

John : Mobile : 07973 552647
Joe : Mobile : 07958 018578

Opening Hours
7.30am to 5pm Mon - Fri
8am to 3pm Saturday

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John A Probert

We accept all major credit cards. E & OE


We also specialise in landscape gardening and supply all materials.
John A Probert Sons & Grandsons have experienced landscape gardeners
who will carry out all kinds of landscape work for an unbeatable price.

1. On large jobs or where access permits we use the mini digger to level
off the first level and fill any large holes and remove any large debris

2. We use the Tractor Rotovator to aerate and turn the soil over and
perform the second levelling process

3. Here we can see the rolling and levelling the rolling is to compact and
firm (i.e. "Heeling in" is how it would be done on smaller areas)

4. Hand finishing and leveling by raking and checking for low points or hollows and then filling with top soil.

5. Final Soil compaction roll the firm smooth surface to lay the turf on.

6.Here we are using large " Rolawn Budget Rolls" which come in 13m lengths


7.The Laying process is finished but the final rolling process is not complete

8.Three days after rolling a perfect lawn

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